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Comprised of thousands of prestigious UNIVERSITIES and colleges fairly popular for quality education, USA has built its benchmark for the International students. At about 7,175 education institutions are providing the education service in USA. A wide range of overseas students pursue their education career due to the moderate education fees and sophisticated living priorities at a low cost rate. Upon the research,   an approximation of  7, 00,000 overseas students were found to enroll at the diverse educational institutions in the USA including Universities and colleges. Based on the population range, nearly 60 % of the International students are from Asia who apply for the higher studies curriculum in the USA.  


·   Renowned for the quality education and high education standards, USA is one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies.

· The Education Framework of USA provides flexibility in terms of courses offered that allows the students to have diverse choices based on their interest sorts.

·  The scholarship and funding programs for the research necessities at the universities or college are provided by the Government or the multinational corporations in the business. Moreover, the higher possibility of scholarship grant acts as a motivational support for the overseas students.

·  The students are lawfully approved to work in the related fields for about a year after the completion of degree. When the organization concedes the student’s H1-B, he/she is permitted to work in the USA according to the law.  


The living expense in USA is around $10000 - $12000 per year that averages to $700 - $1000 per month. This incorporates the settlement cost, nourishment, travel, clothing, educational costs including text books and stationeries, entertainment and the surplus needs. 


Instructions about the method to get admission in American Universities

Most of the Universities in USA require TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) for foreign Nationals and GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for both In state and Out state Students.

TOEFL is waived for countries whose native language is English Like UK, Australia, Canada...).

For Foreign nationals three Letters of Recommendation sealed), copies of Official Transcripts sealed) (Note: Some Universities accept Copies verified by Notary) are required. For Working people they may get two letters from current Employers but generally Letters from Professors are preferred.

Most of the Universities require Undergraduate GPA to be 3/4 (US system). It is equivalent to 80/100,12/20*(China) and 1st Division, 65%*(For most Nepali University).

The Deadline for Fall Semester are from Dec 15 to July. But apply as early as possible. Many decisions are made before the deadline. Foreign nationals may take up to 8 weeks to hear their results. In state students may hear within 5 weeks.