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India has become one of the favored destinations for the students pursuing higher education. With over 383 Universities and 17,000 Colleges nationwide, the country has excelled the education frontier since a countable number of years. Known for the low cost education prosperity and higher provident education quality, many international students tend to abide the facilities provided with a qualitative education prospect. Nevertheless, the country is the 2nd largest education service center worldwide for furnishing better and sustainable education portfolio. The welcoming culture, English vocational medium for learning and performing in the Universities, serene venture of nature, reasonable cost of education service makes India an enriched nation for better opportunities .The courses offered mainly are Medicine, Management, Architecture, Engineering, Nursing, and so on. With the diversity of interest fields, most of the International students are lured to this country for renovating their future interests.


·  One of the renowned education providing countries being the 2nd largest education hub worldwide.

·  Constituent of 383 Universities and 17,000 Colleges; a diverse choice for the student as per his/her interest field.

·  Recognized throughout the World for its quality education prospect. Hence, the degree accreditations from Indian Universities are easily accepted worldwide. 

·  English vocational medium for teaching and learning purpose in spite of fair cultural diversity.

·  Affordable tuition fees and allowances which are relatively low as compared to the other country’s financial prerequisites.


So far, India is the cheapest countries of the World on approximation for the education services .Hence, an International student can easily adapt on the environment as the cost of an average student per annum is $ 5,642 USD. Nonetheless, the accommodations are maintained at private hostels inside the campus premises facilitated with bathrooms, restrooms, food accommodations and Internet facility. It’s upon the student’s choice if he/she wishes to live in rental places on their own as some of the Universities and Colleges do not have the provision of private hostels. Average financial estimation per month is NRs 20,000 in case of Nepali students which sums up to approximate NRs 1,95,000 per year for education service including the rentals, foods , and other prerequisites.